• Posted by Peter Haza
  • On January 11, 2009

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Corrupt Toshiba recovery disc

Yesterday I bought my girlfriend a used Toshiba A200 laptop. It was only a couple of months old, looked nice and shiny, and had no scratches. But when I was going to re-install the machine using the recovery discs from Toshiba, I couldn’t get past formatting the hdd.

The error that occured, in a console window, was:

Error : Could not open WIN file D:\05006XSP.swm!
ERROR : RecoWMAInfo.exe did not run poperly!

Long story short, I ended up installing the windows 7 beta. We had some experience with Vista since I own a copy, and we figured we might aswell try something that worked well, and wasn’t old(XP).

It worked amazingly well with the laptop. The only driver I had to get was the one for the built-in camera. Since Win7 uses the same driver model as Vista, the Vista driver from the Toshbiba support page worked very well.


  1. Posted by brad 18th October, 2009 at 04:48 am |

    You can buy HP/Compaq/Sony/Toshiba/Dell/Acer/IBM/Gateway/etc etc System Recovery CD or DVD (also called System Restore discs) from this website http://www.digitalmedia-labs.com They have almost all brands for laptop and desktop models and they ship right away. I bought for my computer and arrived extremely fast and my computer is in new condition now, everything runs like new. They also have free shipping and very nice Customer service. I had a great experience. Good luck!

  2. Posted by Peter Haza 18th October, 2009 at 07:46 am |

    Sounds great, but we Win 7 is still running happily on the laptop, so we'll stick to that. It's a good site to know of though, re-install of windows machines isn't that rare unfortunately.